Penobscot County Marriage Licenses

List of Penobscot County Marriage Licenses

Search for Penobscot County, ME marriage license rules and requirements. You can learn how to get a marriage license, a marriage certificate, or marriage records from your local Marriage License Office, Clerk, Health Department, or Town or City Hall.

Penobscot County Marriage License Penobscot County Courthouse, 97 Hammond Street Bangor ME 04401 207-942-8535

Bangor City Hall 73 Harlow Street Bangor ME 04401 207-992-4200

Bangor Health Department 103 Texas Avenue Bangor ME 04401 207-992-4549

Bradford Town Hall 345 East Road Bradford ME 04410 207-327-2121

Brewer City Hall 80 North Main Street Brewer ME 04412 207-989-7050

Chester Town Hall 43 South Chester Road Chester ME 04457 207-794-0052

Clifton Town Hall 135 Airline Rd Clifton ME 04428 207-843-0709

Corinth Town Hall 31 Exeter Road Corinth ME 04427 207-285-3271

Dixmont Town Hall 758 Western Ave Dixmont ME 04932 207-234-2294

East Millinocket Town Clerk 53 Main Street East Millinocket ME 04430 207-746-3376

Etna Town Hall 17 Shadow Lane Etna ME 04434 207-269-3551

Exeter Town Hall 1220 Stetson Road Exeter ME 04435 207-379-2191

Garland Town Hall 5 Dexter Road Garland ME 04939 207-924-6615

Glenburn Town Clerk 144 Lakeview Road Glenburn ME 04401 207-942-2905

Greenbush Town Hall 132 Military Rd Greenbush ME 04418 207-826-2050

Hampden Town Hall 106 Western Avenue Hampden ME 04444 207-862-3034

Howland Town Hall 8 Mann St Howland ME 04448 207-732-3513

Kenduskeag Town Hall 4010 Broadway Kenduskeag ME 04450 207-884-7947

Lagrange Town Hall 5791 Bennoch Road Lagrange ME 04453 207-943-2085

Lakeville Town Hall BOTTLE LAKE Rd Lakeville ME 04487 207-738-5047

Levant Town Hall 691 Townhouse Road Levant ME 04456 207-884-7660

Lincoln Town Hall 63 Main St Lincoln ME 04457 207-794-3372

Lowell Town Hall 129 West Old Main Road Lowell ME 04493 207-732-5177

Mattawamkeag Town Hall 327 Main Street Mattawamkeag ME 04459 207-736-2931

Medway Town Hall 4 School Street Medway ME 04460 207-746-9531

Milford Town Hall 62 Davenport Street Milford ME 04461 207-827-2072

Millinocket Town Hall 197 Penobscot Avenue Millinocket ME 04462 207-723-7000

Mt Chase Town Hall 1094 Shin Pond Road Mount Chase ME 04765 207-528-2225

Newburgh Town Clerk 2220 Western Avenue Newburgh ME 04444 207-234-4151

Old Town Hall 265 Main Street Old Town ME 04468 207-827-3980

Orono Town Clerk 59 Main Street Orono ME 04473 207-866-2556

Orrington Town Hall 29 Center Drive Orrington ME 04474 207-825-3340

Orrington Town Hall 255 Center Drive Orrington ME 04474 207-825-3340

Passadumkeag Town Hall 34 Pleasant St Passadumkeag ME 04475 207-732-5111

Patten Town Hall 21 Katahdin Street Patten ME 04765 207-528-2215

Penobscot County Clerk 97 Hammond Street Bangor ME 04401

Plymouth Town Hall 1947 Moosehead Trail Plymouth ME 04969 207-257-4646

Springfield Town Hall 13 Park St Springfield ME 04487 207-738-2176

About Marriage Licenses

Marriage License Application Requirements and Process:

1. Apply where: Municipal Clerk's Office

2. Minimum Age: 18, or 16 with parental consent and under 16 with court approval

3. Cost/fees: $40

4. Identification: driver's license, state-issued identification, passport, or military identification

5. Blood test / Physical Test: No

6. Residency Requirement: No

7. Witnesses: Yes

8. License Valid: 90 days

9. Waiting Period: No

10. Same-sex marriage: Yes

11. Marriage between cousins: Yes

12. Divorce/Widow: Yes, with documentation

13. Proxy Marriage: No

14. Common Law Marriage: No

Questions/Answers about Penobscot County Marriage Licenses

What do you have to do to get married?

To get married in Maine, you must first file a marriage intentions application at the Municipal Clerk's Office. Residents must file their intentions to marry in the municipality where at least one of them resides. Out-of-state applicants can file at any municipal office. Both members of the couple must apply in person, and provide proof of age, photo identification, and pay a fee. After filing the marriage intentions application, the couple will receive a marriage license, and must perform a marriage ceremony while the license is still valid. Your officiant will fill out the marriage license application and submit it to the Municipal Clerk's Office within seven days of the marriage ceremony.

How do I get a marriage license in Penobscot County, Maine?

You will need to visit the Municipal Clerk's Office to file a marriage intentions application. Both members of the couple must present proof of age, provide photo identification, and pay a fee.

How much does it cost to get a marriage license in Maine?

It costs $40 to apply for a marriage license in Maine.

How old do you have to be to get married in Penobscot County?

In Maine, individuals who are 18 years of age or older may get married. Individuals under the age of 18 can get married with parental consent and/or a court order, depending on their age.