Pima County Marriage Licenses

List of Pima County Marriage Licenses

Search for Pima County, AZ marriage license rules and requirements. You can learn how to get a marriage license, a marriage certificate, or marriage records from your local Marriage License Office, Clerk, Health Department, or Town or City Hall.

Pima County Marriage License Pima County Superior Court Bldg., 110 West Congress St. Tucson AZ 85701 520-724-3201

Marana Town Hall 13250 North Lon Adams Road Marana AZ 85653 520-682-4456

Oro Valley Town Hall 11000 North La Cañada Drive Oro Valley AZ 85737 520-229-4700

Pima County Clerk 110 West Congress Street Tucson AZ 85701 520-740-3200

Pima County Health Department 3950 South Country Club Road Tucson AZ 85714 520-243-7770

Pima County Health Department Ste 3, 120 W Estrella Ave Ajo AZ 85321 520-387-7206

Pima Health Department 601 North La Cañada Drive Green Valley AZ 85614 520-648-1626

Sahuarita Town Hall 315 West Sahuarita Center Way Sahuarita AZ 85629 520-344-7000

Tucson City Hall 255 West Alameda Street Tucson AZ 85701 520-791-4583

About Marriage Licenses

Marriage License Application Requirements and Process:

1. Apply where: Justice Court or Clerk of the Superior Court

2. Minimum Age: 18, or 16 with parental consent. 15-year-olds can marry, with parental consent, birth certificates, and a court order.

3. Cost/fees: $76

4. Identification: driver's license, state-issued identification, passport, or military identification

5. Blood test / Physical Test: No

6. Residency Requirement: No

7. Witnesses: Yes

8. License Valid: 12 months

9. Waiting Period: No

10. Same-sex marriage: Yes

11. Marriage between cousins: Yes, if over 65

12. Divorce/Widow: Yes; no additional paperwork required

13. Proxy Marriage: No

14. Common Law Marriage: No

Questions/Answers about Pima County Marriage Licenses

What do you have to do to get married?

To get married in Arizona, both members of the couple must visit a county Justice Court office in person to apply for a marriage license. You will have to meet certain age requirements, provide photo ID and Social Security numbers, and pay the marriage license fee. Once you have received the marriage license, you must perform a marriage ceremony while the license is still valid. After the ceremony, your officiant and witnesses must sign the marriage certificate and the officiant will mail it to the issuing court. Make sure there are no errors before sending a completed marriage license to the state. The court will furnish a certified marriage certificate as proof of marriage.

How do I get a marriage license in Pima County, Arizona?

You will need to apply for a marriage license in person at the nearest Justice Court office. Both members of the couple must present proof of legal age, a current valid proof of identification, such as a driver's license or passport, and pay the marriage license fee.

How much does it cost to get a marriage license in Arizona?

The marriage license fee across all Arizona counties is $76. A traditional marriage license can be converted into a covenant marriage license for an additional $27. A certified copy of a marriage license can be obtained for $34.50.

How old do you have to be to get married in Pima County?

You must reach the minimum age of 15 to get married in Arizona. Individuals who are under 18 are required to have parental or guardian consent, and 15-year-olds must also present a birth certificate and a court order.