Jefferson County Marriage Licenses

List of Jefferson County Marriage Licenses

Search for Jefferson County, AL marriage license rules and requirements. You can learn how to get a marriage license, a marriage certificate, or marriage records from your local Marriage License Office, Clerk, Health Department, or Town or City Hall.

Jefferson County Marriage License 716 Richard Arrington Junior Boulevard North Birmingham AL 35203 205-325-5420

Jefferson County Marriage License 1801 3rd Avenue North Bessemer AL 35020 205-481-4100

Adamsville City Hall 4828 Main Street Adamsville AL 35005 205-674-5671

Alabama State Health Department 11 West Oxmoor Road Birmingham AL 35209 205-916-0400

Bessemer City Hall 1800 3rd Avenue North Bessemer AL 35020 205-424-4060

Bessemer Clerk 23 15th Street North Bessemer AL 35020 205-426-8602

Birmingham City Hall 710 20th Street North Birmingham AL 35203 205-254-2290

Brighton City Clerk 3700 Main Street Brighton AL 35020 205-425-8934

Center Point City Clerk 2209 Center Point Parkway Center Point AL 35215 205-854-4460

County Line Town Hall 2843 County Line Rd Trafford AL 35172 205-590-1649

Fairfield City Hall 4701 Gary Avenue Fairfield AL 35064 205-788-2492

Fairfield Clerk 4701 Gary Avenue Fairfield AL 35064 205-788-2492

Fultondale City Hall 1210 Old Walker Chapel Road Fultondale AL 35068 205-841-4481

Gardendale City Hall 970 Main Street Gardendale AL 35071 205-631-8789

Gardendale Clerk 970 Main Street Gardendale AL 35071 205-631-8789

Graysville City Hall 246 South Main Street Graysville AL 35073 205-674-5643

Helena City Hall 816 Highway 52 Helena AL 35080 205-663-2161

Homewood Clerk 1833 29th Avenue South Homewood AL 35209 205-877-8646

Hueytown City Clerk 1318 Hueytown Road Hueytown AL 35023 205-491-7010

Hueytown Clerk 1318 Hueytown Road Hueytown AL 35023 205-491-7010

Irondale City Clerk 101 20th Street South Irondale AL 35210 205-956-9200

Jefferson - Bessemer Division Clerk 1851 2nd Avenue North Bessemer AL 35020 205-497-8510

Jefferson - Birmingham Division Clerk 716 Richard Arrington Junior Boulevard North Birmingham AL 35203 205-325-5355

Jefferson County Health Department 586 Morris Majestic Road Morris AL 35116 205-933-4242

Jefferson County Health Department 10005 Corner School Road Warrior AL 35180 205-379-3200

Jefferson County Health Department 13695 Lock 17 Road Adger AL 35006 205-497-3329

Jefferson County Health Department 2201 Arlington Avenue Bessemer AL 35020 205-930-1064

Jefferson County Health Department 3013 27th Street North Birmingham AL 35207 205-324-4133

Kimberly Town Hall 9256 Stouts Road Kimberly AL 35091 205-647-5531

Leeds City Hall 8373 1st Avenue Southeast Leeds AL 35094 205-699-2585

Maytown Town Hall TOWN HALL Dr Maytown AL 35118 205-786-8611

Midfield City Clerk 725 Bessemer Road Midfield AL 35228 205-923-7578

Mountain Brook City Clerk 56 Church Street Mountain Brook AL 35213 205-802-3825

Mulga Town Hall 505 Mulga Loop Road Mulga AL 35118 205-781-0645

Pleasant Grove City Hall 501 Park Road Pleasant Grove AL 35127 205-744-1720

Pleasant Grove Clerk 501 Park Road Pleasant Grove AL 35127 205-744-1720

Sylvan Springs Town Hall 300 Town Hall Drive Sylvan Springs AL 35118 205-491-3226

Sylvan Springs Town Hall 100 Rock Creek Rd Mulga AL 35118 205-491-3210

Trussville City Clerk 131 Main Street Trussville AL 35173 205-655-7478

Warrior City Hall 215 Main Street North Warrior AL 35180 205-647-0520

About Marriage Licenses

Marriage License Application Requirements and Process:

1. Apply where: Probate Judge or County Clerk's Office

2. Minimum age: 18, or 16 with parental or guardian consent

3. Cost/fees: $40-$100; varies by county

4. Identification: driver's license, state-issued identification, passport, certified birth certificate, military identification, certified school record

5. Blood test / Physical Test: No

6. Residency Requirement: No

7. Witnesses: No

8. License Valid: 30 days

9. Waiting Period: No

10. Same-sex marriage: Yes

11. Marriage between cousins: Yes

12. Divorce/Widow: 60 days with divorce certificate/death certificate

13. Proxy Marriage: No

14. Common Law Marriage: No

Questions/Answers about Jefferson County Marriage Licenses

What do you have to do to get married?

To get married in Alabama, both members of the couple must visit a county probate judge or County Clerk's Office in person to fill out a marriage license application. You will have to meet certain age requirements, provide photo identification, and pay a fee. Once you have received the marriage license, you must perform a marriage ceremony while the license is still valid. Your officiant will fill out the marriage license and forward it to the county authority. Make sure there are no errors before sending a completed marriage license to the state. The probate court will furnish a certified marriage certificate as proof of marriage.

How do I get a marriage license in Jefferson County, Alabama?

You will need to visit the county probate or Clerk's Office to apply for a marriage license. Both members of the couple must be at least 16 years of age, pay $40-$100, depending on the county, and present a valid form of ID.

How much does it cost to get a marriage license in Alabama?

A marriage license can cost anywhere between $40 and $100, depending on the county. Note that you are not required to get married in the county where you apply for your marriage license.

How old do you have to be to get married in Jefferson County?

You must reach the minimum age of 16 years of age to get married in Alabama. Individuals who are between 16 and 18 must have parental or guardian consent to get married.